Family Scapegoat Holiday Survival Guide



The Family Scapegoat Holiday Survival Guide is a guide for adult children of narcissistic, toxic, emotionally unavailable parents or family dysfunction who struggle with guilt, fear, shame, and a sense of obligation to their abusive family of origin. This guide will help you understand the manipulation tactics that are most common at this time of year, plus guides for specific scenarios such as:

  • What to do if you still live with the family member(s)
  • What to do if you’re still in contact and attending the family event
  • What to do if you’re low contact and not attending the event
  • What to do if you’re no contact

You will also learn what to do with emotions of guilt, fear, shame, sense of obligation, and confusion. There is also a section with journal prompts, how to process emotions, and what to do when emotions feel unsafe.

Here’s what else the guidebook covers:

  • Things to understand about narcissistic abusers
  • How the cycle of abuse works
  • Why do narcissists enjoy ruining holidays?
  • How to do the inner work
  • How to journal effectively
  • 3 journal prompts specific to the holiday challenges family scapegoats encounter
  • How to process an emotion
  • What to do when emotions feel unsafe
  • BONUS # 1: Affirmations to get through the holidays
  • BONUS # 2: Guilt guide

Please note this guide is not a replacement for therapy or help from a licensed mental health practitioner. This is a coaching guide with practical tips on how to get through the holidays when you are the family scapegoat. This is also not a substitute for coaching.

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