Setting Boundaries Masterclass

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When you’re dealing with a narcissistic abuser, setting boundaries isn’t so simple! A simple conversation can turn into one massive word-salad sh*tstorm! Somehow, you’re the one who ends up apologizing. How did the conversation end up being a life-review of everything you’ve ever done wrong in your life since birth? Didn’t this person just tell you to leave the past in the past about something that happened yesterday? For some reason the fact that you breathed wrong 5 years ago is a bigger issue… It doesn’t make sense but hopefully, this will help the relationship get stronger? After all, you read what you believed was good advice online about how to set boundaries.

Except that blog post you read didn’t specifically take into account situations of narcissistic abuse. After all, setting a boundary with a narcissistic abuser vs setting a boundary with a normal, healthy person are two completely different things.

This masterclass will provide you with useful information for you to take into account for your unique situation.

*Please note this masterclass is not a replacement for advice from a mental health practitioner.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in this 45-minute FREE setting boundaries training:

✅ Why mainstream setting boundaries advice designed for normal, healthy relationship dynamics does NOT work for setting boundaries with narcissists

✅ The 3 mistakes (that no one tells you about!) to avoid when setting some major boundaries with a narcissistic abuser (and how to avoid these mistakes)

✅ Actionable steps you can take to gain clarity and use logic instead of the emotional reaction the narcissistic abuser triggers and confuses you with (Psst: this is part of a narcissistic abuser’s manipulation tactic that prevents you from setting or keeping your boundaries!)

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